Preparing for the New Moon in Sagittarius

Preparing for the New Moon in Sagittarius

I always feel a little excited by the New Moon. Although the Full Moon is the showstopper – beautiful and full of meaning – the New Moon has its own magic. I feel like it is a pivotal moment every month where you get to assess where you are. The waning moon has fully waned, and you’ve agreed to let go of old mental thought patterns and habits which no longer serve you. Now it’s time to figure out what you DO want.

The fact that the new moon is in Sagittarius is extra exciting for me. Between Aries and Sagittarius, those two signs have composed the lion’s share of my former romantic partners. Who doesn’t love a Sagittarian? They are fun, adventurous, they love to learn, they’re always up to something new, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

So, along those lines, my plans involve a lot of fun new adventures. I already have a full list of goals for 2019 (like a good little nerd), but this month is kind of the kick-off. This month sets the tone for the new year. Here are a few of my goals so far:

  • Finish my first novel (I didn’t say it would be good, I said I would finish it! Lol!)
  • Complete my 2nd Degree Priestess level
  • Get muscular and lean enough to compete in a figure competition (even if I don’t actually compete)
  • Growing my business, Rain Tree Spirit

What does the New Moon mean to you?

Good luck on setting your intentions for this month!

Peace and joy,



Visualization & Magic for Spiritual Activism

Lions don’t play. You can look at them and know that. They don’t go around bothering people or starting trouble (like people do), but they are not called King of the Jungle for nothing. They protect what’s theirs.

As spiritual beings wandering around in a world of suffering, the World is ours. We have a job to do. There is no need to force our beliefs on anyone. However, as people fostering a connection with the Divine on a daily basis, we owe it to the people around us to use our spiritual gifts, talents, and capacities (whatever they may be) to leave this world a little better than we found it. All it takes is willingness, a little time, and the ability to see what it is we are trying to create. The ability to visualize what you want is the key to creating anything in the here and now.

I learned a powerful lesson in visualization one day while listening to a motivational video by Tony Robbins. He had the audience do an exercise where they raised their right arm, shoulder height, in front of them. While facing forward, they circled the arm behind them as far as they possibly could, and noted how far they were able to go.

Then he had them rest that arm and go through the exercise again – only in the mind. First, visualize the arm lifting forward, in front of you, then, mentally reach the arm around and behind you, this time 20% farther than the spot you were able to reach physically.

Then you bring the arm back around in the mind, and do it again. This time, reach ¾ around the body, in your mind. Rest again. During the final visualization, you see your arm reaching 360 degrees all the way around your body, like Elastic Man. I had nothing else better to do at the time, so I played along with Tony and did the exercise.

The final step was to raise the arm – not in the mind, this time, but in reality. Lift it forward, then reach around. I was absolutely shocked to see how much further I could go than the first time!

Could I go 360 degrees around my whole body? No, of course not. But I got much further than I seemed to be physically capable of the first time. It was a clear demonstration of the power of the mind, the power of visualization. This is the power we tap into when we do a spell, a healing, a reading, or a prayer. This power is not completely understood, but it is well-documented.

More important than any ingredients we might use in a spell, or the flowery words we might use in a public prayer, is the vision we start with in our heads. We have to start any important endeavor with the end in mind. If we can “see” it, from the beginning to the end, we can achieve it. We can’t dictate how it will show up, but we can get much, much closer than if we don’t see it first.

But spiritual practice and magic are not just for ourselves. Getting a better job, making more money, or entering a loving relationship is wonderful. But, as Light beings, we are here to hold the space for the rest of humanity.

The world is becoming an increasingly violent, hostile place. We cannot bury our heads and ignore it just because we may personally be happy and content.  Our Divine mission and purpose (should we choose to accept it) is to bring the beauty of the Goddess to the planet in tangible form.

There are many ways we can make a difference, depending upon our unique gifts and talents. But it all starts in the mind. We have to “see” a world of love and harmony before we can create it. If we can see it, we can believe in it. Once we believe in it, we will do what it takes to make it happen, to the very best of our abilities.

So, how can we get better at visualization? We have to build our ability to visualize the same way we would build a muscle. Start with the “light weights.” For example, before you get out of bed, see yourself performing your normal routine. Do you make your bed first? Do you put coffee on? Do you meditate? (if so, yay, you!!) Whatever you do, stay in bed for a couple of minutes and see it first. It’ll be easy because it’s nothing special, it’s something you always do. You know exactly what it looks like already. But this practice builds your ability to visualize.

Eventually, work your way up to seeing other outside, routine, activities, such as meetings at work, or dates with your significant other. Imagine what you would like to have happen. See it clearly in your mind. Envision what is said, what is done, and what the mood is.

Over time, you can work up to seeing actual Light energy, moving from your hands, your eyes, or your heart towards someone or something. You can learn to direct this energy towards self-healing. or the healing of others. You will be able to envision things far in the future. Start small and build over time. Don’t strain. Stop as soon as you feel taxed. Ground yourself afterwards by picturing your fingers and toes wiggling in dark, rich soil. You can also ground yourself by eating something like a piece of fruit and focusing on the action of eating it. Grounding brings the mind back to normal, earthly life.

Spells are used to improve life in various ways. We can improve our own lives and the lives of the people around us. But everything starts in the mind.

Be patient with yourself and have fun. Be that king-of-the-jungle lion protecting the rest of the pride. You are absolutely qualified for this position. So, be about it! For all of our sakes.

Peace and love,


Morality and Wicca

Oftentimes, people following non-traditional spiritual paths (meaning anything that is not one of the book religions: Christianity, Judaism, or Islam), feel a little lost without ancient books and angry men telling them what to do. (I know I did!) They wonder what their moral code should be now that they are “on their own.”

The Wiccan Rede is “An it harm none, do as thy will.” This is great. And simple. The problem comes with figuring out what “harm” is and isn’t.

Other issues surrounding morality are: Does it matter? Is morality outdated? What do we mean by morality? Who determines whether something is moral or immoral?

I can only answer for me, of course. But I wanted to share how I go about determining these things.

By morality, I mean living by a set of self-imposed rules that are in line with my deepest-held values, that I could easily defend against criticism if I had to, that are a match for how I wish to be treated, and are a match for how I present myself to the world.

I believe that morality matters for the following reasons:

1) Violating our own morals affects our emotions. This is why lie-detectors work. For non-sociopaths, lying is generally perceived as wrong. When we do it anyway, we feel something that can actually be registered by sensitive instruments such as those on a lie detector. Our insides tell the truth even when we don’t.

2) Because violating our own morals affects our emotions, it also affects our spiritual practice, spell work, and intention-setting. We cannot meditate properly, cast effective spells, or set uplifting intentions when our emotions are out of sorts.

3) Because it affects our spiritual practice (or even our desire to have a spiritual practice), violating our own morals affects the level of respect we have for ourselves.

4) Because it affects the level of respect we have for ourselves, it affects the level of respect we demonstrate towards others.

5) Because it affects the level of respect we show towards others, it affects the level of respect they have for us in return, and the level of support others are willing to provide us.

So, morality matters. But how do we determine whether or not something we want to do is “harming” someone?

I try to be very honest with myself and ask myself if the action I’m considering is necessary. If not, then maybe it doesn’t matter whether or not it “harms” someone. If it’s not necessary, maybe I just don’t do it.

Another question I ask myself is “Does the action serve a higher purpose?” For example, what will be the outcome of my actions? Will it be positive for all concerned or just me? If it’s just for me, will it improve my life in some way? If not, maybe it’s not something I need to do, especially if it will cost me time and money.

A third question I ask myself is “What are the ways this action MIGHT be harmful?” Sometimes we think an action is innocent, but if our motives are selfish or impure, we might actually be causing harm and not realizing it. For example, if we’re only helping others to make ourselves look good, to gain a favor from someone, or to receive praise and applause, perhaps this activity is just fattening our egos and starving our spirits.

Lastly, and most importantly, the reason for having a moral code is not to avoid hell. Hell is an ancient concept used to keep people in line. It is effective, the same way that threatening kids with being grounded is effective. But it is not for the spiritually mature. If the only reason you avoid doing something is fear of hell, I would say that your moral code needs some work. The spiritually mature do things because they are beautiful, beneficial, or beneficent. They avoid doing things that are hazardous, hurtful, or hateful. No never-ending flames are necessary.

On the contrary, living according to your own moral code gives you confidence, freedom, and an inner Light that no one else can put out. When you’re living in integrity, you don’t care so much what other people have to say about you because you fully approve of yourself. No guilt equals true freedom.

But if you are living out of integrity, no affirmations of self-love, no amount of sermons, and no amount of positive memes will help you feel better about yourself. Fix the problem at the root and get back into alignment with your Higher Self. Then you are a candidate for real intimacy with the Divine Presence.

Peace and love,