Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my followers and readers. I deeply appreciate your love and engagement. Thanks to all who commented. Thanks to all who read, but decided not to comment. I love you all and hope you have a happy and fulfilling holiday weekend.

Below are a couple of my latest paintings. It has felt really good this year to give homemade gifts and practical re-giftings. There is no need to go bankrupt trying to celebrate the holidays, which are supposed to be based on love and peace. In the new year I hope to shed even more material possessions and embrace the freedom of minimalism.

Stay safe, be well!

Blessed be,


"Blue Bird" Watercolor on paper. 12"  16"
“Blue Bird” Watercolor on paper. 12″ 16″
"Grandma" Watercolor on paper. 16" x 12".
“Grandma” Watercolor on paper. 16″ x 12″.

A life well-lived is full of change and evolution. It never ceases to amaze me how any experience has the potential to bounce you into a completely new direction. Just like a pinball bounces off an object and flies in a completely new direction, our interaction with life’s circumstances can do the same with us. It is what we do with those experiences that determines if we “score,” or end up rolling into a hole. pinballs

Rev. Michael Beckwith, spiritual leader of Agape International Spiritual Center, refers to life as a “co-creation.” My description of us “bouncing” off of circumstances into new directions reflects this co-creative process. Whom we are (including our experiences, wisdom, and inner traits) interacts with what happens to us to create a new “us.” We take this new Us into the future, and the process continues.

I had the unfortunate experience recently of interacting with a disreputable fitness company that was supposedly recruiting for new employees. I’m usually pretty wary of scams, but this one is very well-crafted. I’m fighting it, and will know the resolution in a few weeks. Nevertheless, the experience was priceless.

It reignited in me a passion that began when I was fourteen years old. I have been a fitness fan for decades (you don’t need to know how many!). Through a series of recent events, I rededicated myself to fitness and am embarking on a year-long body-building goal. I plan to document my research and progress on this blog, and potentially turn my notes into a book or e-book.

I’ve also decided to add categories to this blog to reflect my various interests, making it easier for readers to find the articles that interest them. Please use the categories on the left, or type key words into the search bar, to find articles of interest to you.

I’m still writing poetry, screenplays, and novels, of course. But my non-fiction writing, including writing about spirituality and fitness, will have a space here as well.

I hope you enjoy my journey and are co-creating your own life!

Peace and blessings,