The Relationship Between Weight Loss and Money Management

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. What is 2018 going to look like? You don’t have to wait around to find out. You can take the initiative to make 2018 amazing and beautiful.

One of the most clichéd New Year’s resolutions is weight loss. It’s a joke. In January, the gyms are packed to the gills. By the end of February, it’s like a skeleton crew on a ghost ship. Interestingly, the same is true with budgeting. The word “budgeting” has about as much glamour as the word “diet.” Nobody wants to hear it.  Just hearing the words makes people crunch up their faces into a wrinkled ball of scorn.  Yuck.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Budgeting and dieting don’t have to be “Things We’re Mostly Likely To Fail At.” Both practices can become so natural that they become automatic and effortless. Both require similar skills. Because I’m one of those weird people who actually likes both dieting and budgeting, I want to share the similarities I’ve noticed about both practices.

Before I start, let me acknowledge that words are powerful. Let’s change the word diet to “way of eating,” “food choices,” “body fuel,” or whatever floats your boat. I refer to my food choices as a balanced way of eating. Call it whatever sounds good to you. I also budget my money at the beginning of every month. I call it a Spending Plan, not a budget. And I use to help me.

So, these are the ways I’ve discovered that healthy eating is similar to smart money management:

Both benefit from a written plan. With both money and food calories, it is so easy to lose track of what you’re doing. A couple of cookies here, a trip to McDonald’s there. At the end of the year, you’re somehow carrying around 10 extra pounds. Where did the fat come from? Why won’t it go away? Same is true with money. You put $100 in your wallet. Four days later, there’s $35.00. Or, maybe, you have a zero balance on a credit card, wander into a couple of movies, or breeze through a few restaurants. Next thing you know, you’re carrying a balance you can’t pay. Really? How did that happen? You stare at your paycheck stub in disbelief. Where does it all go? (This is why you need a Spending Plan – and a Food Plan).

Both require attention to detail. Just as a slab of butter, a little bit of syrup, or a splash of ketchup add up to pounds on the waistline, a magazine here, and a candy bar there add up to an empty wallet. There’s no need to be obsessive. But, at the same time, those “little things” are not nothing. They add up.

Both require delayed gratification. Let’s say you have your planned budget for Christmas. You’ve stuck to it quite nicely. But then you start looking at all the nice things you’ve bought for other people.  But, hey! What about you? You want something too, dammit! You look longingly into the store windows, and your eyes fall in love with something. You have to have it. You’ll pay it off later. You want it NOW!! Same thing happens with food. You’re hungry. You were good and went to the grocery store the other day. You know your fridge is full of lovely vegetables. Which you have to…chop. Your nose catches wind of something fried… or barbequed. And, look! There’s a drive-through window! You abandon your vegetables and let them rot. You want some yummy food…NOW!

Both require discipline. Money planning and healthy eating are not punishments. They can be easy and fun. But, in the culture we live in, there is no way to avoid the fact that living successfully requires discipline. It is so easy just screw it and do what everyone else is doing – accruing debt and gaining weight. But, this does not have to be you. With just a little bit of willingness, you can rise above mediocrity and live an excellent life.

Both will set you free if you let them. Having control over your money, and what you put in your mouth, will raise your opinion of yourself. It can be hard, especially at first. But once you master yourself – which is the hardest thing to do, to control your own mind and behavior – there is nothing else out there that will be impossible to you. You will have a quiet confidence about yourself which no one will be able to shake – no man, no woman, no politician, no circumstance. Once you master yourself, you can master anything. And you can turn around and help someone else.

If you want help establishing either a spending plan or a healthy eating plan, consider hiring a wellness coach. At Grown Folks Fitness, that’s what we do. Contact me today for further information.

Peace and love,



A Poem About How Women Should Stop Dieting

I wrote on Facebook the other day, asking – rhetorically, of course – why being happy always seemed to lead to me gaining weight. I joked that I wanted to find some way to lie to my body that I was miserable. Ha ha.

Later, though, I thought about what I’d said. What’s wrong with me, that being happy is kind of a bad thing simply because I’ve gained five pounds. No one even knows that but me. And, certainly, no one cares. What is this internal tyranny over women that suckers even a (I like to think) conscious woman into putting body size and general happiness on equal planes. Would I really rather be sad and skinny than happy and fat? Isn’t that sick?

Coincidentally (or, as I view it, serendipitously) I watched a YouTube video on the health benefits of eating one meal a day. Many Muslims also advise one meal a day. Many Buddhist monks recommend one meal a day. Trying this for a while could be a way to not only lose the “happy pounds” and further improve my health, but, more importantly, to spend less time preparing food and washing dishes. There are other things I’d rather be doing. The weight itself no longer matters to me. There are too many critical issues going on in our society for anybody – especially any intelligent being – to be wasting time worrying about five or ten pounds.

The Divine Feminine is needed now more than ever. With the separation and categorization of people into little groups to oppress and demonize. With our health care system at the hands of a Twitter-junkie who cares for no one but himself. With our planet heating up, and our water supply drying up. We need Woke Women everywhere to be about it.

This poem is primarily a reminder to myself. It is also an invitation to other people – especially all who identify with the Feminine Spirit – to use your talents, your voices, your bodies, your minds, and your spirits to uplift the planet.

So, here it is…

Die It

They asked her

which she’d rather have,

sexy steamy night

with stranger,


sweet, easy piece of

dreamy cheesecake.


I was not

when, of course,

devilish dessert

earned her body’s lust.

Deprived of carnal passion –

no woman ever,

but fashion,

commercialized, capricious eyes,

and masculine wish for

sole supremacy,


sunshine-colored pink topped cupcake

to armed adversary, scary

fat-throwing attacker.

Beauteous baby building digs


not by accurate concern for

maternal magic, but


of feminine largesse.

The best most can expect –

five to ten pounds


While fleshy souls,


scream soundlessly inside

cells bereaved, in need –

not of packaged poison

in food clothing – but

Insurrection, mutiny

This is me!

Head to knee,

ass to feet,

take the scale and weigh

the mass of heart

as I love you

squeeze you

high into sunset sky

build up this ball of blue

till it cools

the winds of ill will

killing it through and through.


the song I sing to

little ones wondering

why we won’t willify what we want

when so much to do

goes undone


time, dieting to hide

the light this world is pining for,


And eat well,

Gas for the next phase

of feminine triumph

Please don’t buy into


Goddess, your one-pointed

Presence is Spirit’s imperative Essence.



Today started with an amazing high. I got on the scale and discovered that I’d hit my goal weight! I’m 5’4’ and finally hit 125 lbs. I had been at 136/137 for about a year, and had latched on to the number 134 for several years before that. There’s nothing wrong with any of those numbers, of course, but I didn’t feel like my best self. This new number I haven’t seen in years! Perhaps it’s due to my vegan (technically vegetarian, since I eat egg whites) lifestyle, which I started on November 20, 2015. Perhaps it’s due to my break-up, and not going out to eat every weekend. Whatever it is, I’m grateful. And I treated myself to a gym membership – Planet Fitness – in order to maintain my achievement. (Here are some pictures of: the free stuff they gave me when I joined the gym, the beautiful salad I had for lunch, and a narcissistic selfie).

Free stuff! Yay!
Free stuff! Yay!
Cilantro, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, lemon juice, rice vinegar. All organic. Mmm!
Cilantro, celery, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, lemon juice, rice vinegar. All organic. Mmm!
Feeling accomplished!
Feeling accomplished!

But then, after my workout, something happened when I stopped by the grocery store. While I was waiting to check out, two guys were ahead of me in line. One of the guys pocketed a bag of candy. What?! I haven’t seen a grown man steal, maybe ever – certainly not in recent memory. I considered telling the cashier, but he was a jovial guy and was very friendly with the two guys. I doubted he would do anything. My initial feeling was anger. But then it made me feel really sad. I couldn’t figure out why at first.

Then, I realized that people who steal must feel no sense of hope. Perhaps they feel that the only way they can have what they want in life is to take it from someone else. What a depressing mindset. Perhaps there’s also a sense of entitlement. This person wanted what they wanted. That’s all that mattered, not right and wrong.  It reminded me of how I felt when an ex told me that he regularly stole little bottles of water from the bookstore of the spiritual center where he worked. It wasn’t the water that bothered me. They were only $1.00, and sometimes the clerk would allow staff members to take freebies. What bothered me was his justification – “They don’t pay me what I’m worth anyway. They should just be grateful to have me.” My heart sank. Though I stayed with him for several months after that, it was a little piece of The End. Whatever the justification, this kind of attitude is a virtual guarantee of either poverty, or the fearful insecurity that comes with poverty. Rich people who cheat and steal have no more peace of mind than the average petty thief on the street.

I think there is a link between this type of attitude and low self-esteem. People who truly value themselves know that there’s always enough. There is no need to take anything from somebody else. People who truly value themselves value others; they do not want to hurt others in any way, certainly not by stealing. People who truly value themselves know that character is a currency. Unlike money, which is gained and lost all the time, character is priceless and impossible to lose, except through one’s own actions. The Bible says “The one who gets wisdom loves life; the one who cherishes understanding will soon prosper” (Proverbs 19:8).  I take this to imply, “Don’t waste your life chasing after what you want. Become the kind of person who understands it, who embodies it, who deserves it. Then, it will come to you.”

In other news, I just began a 6-month internship with a literary agency. I’m helping them review new submissions and learning all I can. I love it! Also (thanks to my sister) someone expressed interest in hanging my art work in his restaurant. I have yet to work out the details, and see where this lead takes me, but I’m excited. And I plan to continue working on my new script this week. My personal life had overshadowed my work for a few weeks. But, now, since I have my trusty outline, I should be able to get back on track easily.

Life is good.

Happy Easter, Eostara, Spring Equinox!