THE FLINCH I’m reading a book right now called The Flinch by Julien Smith. The flinch is our instinctive reaction […]
PREPPING FOR THE END The death of Kobe Bryant hit most of us like a ton of bricks, especially those […]
Separate Finances in a Marriage Often when a person gets excited about getting their finances under control, they soon come […]
I go to the gym every morning Monday through Friday. I was watching someone on a treadmill the other day. […]
There seem to be two schools of thought regarding New Year’s resolutions. Some people set them faithfully every year, while […]
The choice to refinance your home is one that should be considered carefully. The most important factor is your “why.” […]
For many people, owning a home is considered a rite of passage. Just like marriage and babies, it’s something that […]
Once you’ve gotten into the habit of setting up your budget every month and living within you means, the next […]
Today I asked myself a question: “Are there any financial gurus who aren’t religious, right wing, racist, homophobic, or inflammatory?” […]
The hardest part of any endeavor is simply getting started. I have found that the more a process is automated, […]