In this third and final installment of the series, laziness and sloth are front and center as two of the reasons we don’t pick up the phone more often. This obstacle is tricky because it has very little to do with the phone itself.

Laziness and sloth are the handmaidens for Resistance. Resistance is that thing that makes us slow down, or takes us off course any time we have the opportunity to change our lives in a significant way. It usually comes after we’ve achieved a little bit of success in something. We then feel we “deserve to” (fill in the blank with something that will completely undo the progress we’ve made).

For example, you go on a diet and lose 5 pounds. It was tough, but you did it! You’re on your way to skinnyville. You’re hungry as hell, so, now you “deserve to”… take a trip to the buffet. After all, you’ve worked hard, right? While one meal won’t stop anyone from achieving their weight loss goals, abandoning all the wonderful discipline that got you this far will!

When we’re lazy about the phones, it’s usually because we just don’t feel like working. We know it’s going to require expending effort, persuading, remaining calm, overcoming obstacles, being patient, encountering problems, etc. Wouldn’t it be easier to just check email and Facebook for a few more minutes first??

Yes, it would be easier, but it won’t make you any money or help anybody. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers for overcoming laziness and sloth. The only thing that helps me is to give myself a reward of something I really really want to do – after I’ve done a certain number of calls by a certain time. I may still not feel like doing it, but I will do it, because, if I procrastinate, I won’t finish in time, so I won’t get to do my fun thing.

Plus, thinking about the fun thing puts a smile on my face, which helps with my calls. People can hear when you’re smiling or when you’re bored, so smile! Think about the fun thing you get to do later while you’re making your calls. It’s good for your head – and good for your business!

Ultimately, success comes from establishing good habits. Once something is a habit, you don’t have to keep talking yourself into doing it. You can go on autopilot and still reap the rewards of all your productivity. But, in the meantime, these little tips and tricks can help put you on the right track.

Until next time, keep growing, keep sharing, keep loving, keep crushing it. And stay safe!


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