This is Part One of a 3-part blog on phone sales. Phone skills are dying, as many of us rely on texts and emails to communicate – even with friends and family. However, in many industries, such as mortgage lending, phones skills are essential. A potential customer’s first meeting with their mortgage professional is often over the phone.

But there are several reasons why the phone strikes fear and trembling in the hearts of many:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of incompetency
  • Laziness and sloth

I could just say, “Eh, just get over it.” And, as irritating as that statement is, that IS kind of what you have to do. However, there is another way to view the whole process which can help you to “just get over it.” It involves a shift in mindset. The following two examples are things I say to myself when I’m connecting with potential clients over the phone:

1.“The person on the other end of this phone is a lovely human being who has a problem I can help solve, if they’ll allow me.” This true statement reminds me of what’s important. As human beings, we have a tendency towards negativity. This is simply part of the evolutionary survival instinct. But we don’t live in caves anymore. So, we have to exert a lot of effort to overcome fear-based thinking. It’s easy to imagine awful people screaming at us, cursing us out, threatening us, or laughing in our face. This does happen, unfortunately, but not nearly as much, or as severely, as we hallucinate.

When you’re on the phone, think of the other person as a pre-friend. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Believe the best. This takes away the fear of the unknown. You already know what it’s like to speak to a friend in need, right? Imagine THAT – and then dial away!

2.“It’s not possible to reject something or someone you don’t know or understand.” Before you start dialing, it’s important to step back and think of the big picture. There are small-time goals and bigger-picture goals. While your small-time goal may be to “get” someone, and sell them on your services, that’s not your real objective. Your larger, over-arching goal is to help someone solve a problem. But first, you have to find out: 1)  if they have a problem, (2) if your solution will address their problem, and (3) if they even qualify for the solution you have to offer.

Some of the people you dial will be quick to jump to conclusions. They are busy, negative, uninformed, or any number of things which prevent them from hearing what you have to say. That’s okay. They are not really rejecting you. They can’t reject you if they don’t know you, especially if they don’t  even stick around long enough to hear or understand your message. They are rejecting their perception of you. They are rejecting their past experiences. They are rejecting the timing of your call. This is a sales abortion, not a rejection. Don’t take it personally.  Bless them and move on – and maybe try them again later!

In Part II of this series, I’ll deal with the second set of mental roadblocks: incompetency and fear of failure. And, if you are in need of information regarding refinancing or a new purchase, please feel free to contact me (call me – if you’re not scurred!) via phone, text, or email.

Until then, keep growing, keep sharing, keep loving, keep crushing it. And stay safe!


Raven B. Kushner, NMLS #1905164, is a mortgage loan officer based in Houston, Texas. She is licensed in both California and Texas, serving all counties in these states. For more information, or to be pre-approved, please contact her at (818) 423-0318 or

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