Before this whole mess started, I was concerned about many aspects of society, and the direction we seemed to be going. We were becoming more xenophobic. We heard stories of unarmed men and women being shot down by law enforcement in the streets. And the people who protested such things were labeled as unpatriotic. From the highest offices, we heard childish name-calling, suspicion, and a closing down of the borders. We seemed to want to separate from anyone or anything that was different. Undocumented immigrants were separated from their families, even from very young children.

It seemed like we were saying to one another that only some people are worthy of dignity. We don’t need each other. We don’t want to deal with each other. We don’t care about each other. We were glorifying leaders who publicly ridicule others, rather than those who debate intelligently with facts. It seemed that we were poised for more of the same for the foreseeable future.

But, then, suddenly everything was different, at least superficially. It became immediately evident that we are one world – a single species, called humans, who all breathe the same air. Only now, this air seemed to be contaminated. The “China virus” eagerly leapt upon the droplets in the air and scampered across the whole world. We were all in this together. The enemy was not the foreigner; the enemy was invisible, arbitrary, and deadly.

What also became immediately apparent, though, is that we all need each other. What meaning does an economy have if people don’t interact? We will all go broke if we are unable to connect with one another at all. We quickly improvised, and continue to do so. The future is uncertain, but it’s clear that finger-pointing and blame is fruitless. Suddenly, facts became popular again as we sought to understand this bizarre illness.

And so, despite the darkness, there is a ray of light. Many people are learning to be resourceful with their time. They are going deeper spiritually, spending more time with family, making actual phone calls again, and having group meetings online. Of course there are those who are behaving in dysfunctional ways. There are those who are making the situation worse instead of better.

But, at the end of the day, those that are learning something from this experience are going to thrive. Those who limit their complaining, become innovative, and seize this unique opportunity for personal growth and rest will be the leaders of tomorrow. Those who take stock of the people in their lives, and keep only those who enhance their lives, are going to come out ahead.

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