There seem to be two schools of thought regarding New Year’s resolutions. Some people set them faithfully every year, while others have abandoned the idea altogether. I wonder if, instead of doing the standard traditional “resolutions,” more people would benefit from New Year’s Visualizations.

A New Year’s Visualization is like a New Year’s resolution, except you have to participate a little more. The average person usually just declares their resolution out loud. Perhaps they’ll say that they plan to “make more money” or “lose some weight.” Others, who are more knowledgeable about goal-setting, might make “S.M.A.R.T.” goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based). For example, they might make a resolution such as “I will lose 10 pounds by June 1, 2020.”

While this latter type goal is better, it still lacks something. There is still the risk that the person will become bored or discouraged by February, and quit altogether. Visualization has something that a spoken or written goal lacks – the subconscious power to see yourself having already achieved your end goal.

Once you get good at visualization, your goals become present-tense, not just vague dreams in the future. If you can truly see yourself, in your mind’s eye, walking around in your favorite outfit, ten pounds lighter, you can re-invigorate your goal with passion. When you get tired of exercising or eating vegetables, the ability to literally see yourself as a healthy and fit person, sitting tall and enjoying that juicy salad, can help you push past the inevitable slumps and set-backs that kill most people’s dreams.

So, what’s your New Year’s visualization? Who are you planning to become in 2020? What does that person do, think about, talk about, look like, hang around, drive, and eat? When you close your eyes, who is the “You” of your dreams?

You can become that person if you just invest a few minutes a day in not only goal-SETTING, but goal SEEING.

You can do it!! And there’s no need to wait for the New Year. Start now!

Seeing you at your best,


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