I always feel a little excited by the New Moon. Although the Full Moon is the showstopper – beautiful and full of meaning – the New Moon has its own magic. I feel like it is a pivotal moment every month where you get to assess where you are. The waning moon has fully waned, and you’ve agreed to let go of old mental thought patterns and habits which no longer serve you. Now it’s time to figure out what you DO want.

The fact that the new moon is in Sagittarius is extra exciting for me. Between Aries and Sagittarius, those two signs have composed the lion’s share of my former romantic partners. Who doesn’t love a Sagittarian? They are fun, adventurous, they love to learn, they’re always up to something new, and they don’t take themselves too seriously.

So, along those lines, my plans involve a lot of fun new adventures. I already have a full list of goals for 2019 (like a good little nerd), but this month is kind of the kick-off. This month sets the tone for the new year. Here are a few of my goals so far:

  • Finish my first novel (I didn’t say it would be good, I said I would finish it! Lol!)
  • Complete my 2nd Degree Priestess level
  • Get muscular and lean enough to compete in a figure competition (even if I don’t actually compete)
  • Growing my business, Rain Tree Spirit

What does the New Moon mean to you?

Good luck on setting your intentions for this month!

Peace and joy,



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