I’m more of a stuffing and mashed potatoes gal than a turkey lover (poor little things!). But I know that, regardless of which food is your favorite, for many people, the holidays are not always all they’re cracked up to be. The Hallmark Channel movies, television commercials, and grocery store decorations make Thanksgiving look amazing, almost ethereal. And, indeed, the end of the year holidays are supposed to be loving and lovely. Thanksgiving (despite the American mythology and hypocrisy involved in the supposed reason for the holiday) should be a day of giving thanks, feeling grateful, appreciating the fall weather, enjoying the blessing of good food and loving company. But it’s not that way for everyone.

So, I wanted to honor and respect those for whom Thanksgiving is a dreaded holiday. It could be due to fractured family relationships, lack of money, isolation from others, seasonal depression, illness, eating disorders, etc.

First of all, you are not alone. Although it may not seem like it because we all wear social masks, this holiday is difficult for many people. So, while it seems like you are the only one who is feeling blue right now, you are not.

Secondly, it’s only one day. Be grateful that, unlike Hanukkah, Thanksgiving does not last eight days. Only one! And feel free to make it as short as possible. If you decide to only make an appearance, rather than hang out at the parties all day, do what you need to do. If you are going to be alone on that day, use it as an excuse to treat yourself like royalty. What have you always wanted to do but it feels too extravagant, or a waste of time? Do it! Treat it as your job to make yourself happy today.

Thirdly, that being said, if you want to be sad, then be sad. Allow yourself to experience the full gamut of emotions without guilt. Do what you need to do – cry, write in a journal, or join an online chat group and vent. Often, the best way to get over something is to go straight through it. So, allow yourself to feel every feeling you’ve been avoiding.

Fourthly, there’s a full moon tomorrow! Bless the Goddess! So, if you are a Wiccan, a Wiccan-in-training, or just a spiritual seeker, take the opportunity to learn about esbats, the monthly honoring of the lunar cycles. Instead of viewing November 22 as Thanksgiving, view it as a celebration of the Goddess. Enjoy Her energy. Feel her joy. Celebrate the power of the Divine Feminine (whether you are male or female). Have a glass of wine and toast Mother Earth for her bounty and generosity!

Have faith that things will get better.  And if you feel like reaching out, please reach out. I will answer you.


Peace and love,



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