Spiritual Detox – My Story

I had a Reiki attunement on Monday of this week. I’ve actually been attuned before, but it has been a few years, so the classes I’m taking now are refresher courses.

Because I’ve been attuned before I knew what to expect. I’ve been attuned in person and I’ve had a Distance Attunement, in which the practitioner doing the attunement is not in the same location. In each case I felt a light, wonderful feeling. I was conscious of the feeling of being “blessed.”

This attunement, however, was different. This was a cigar-smoking, tattooed, f-bomb-dropping attunement. What I mean by that is that the after-effects were not sweet, syrupy, nor lovely.

On the contrary, my deepest failures came to mind. It was gut-wrenching and painful. And that was just during the attunement.

For the rest of the day I felt like I was going to cry. I felt fragile,  and I had zero confidence. I had a run-in with my toxic roommate, and my landlord gave exactly zero fucks about my problem. I still had to work, so I had to lie to each student who asked me “How are you today?” “Oh, fine,” I said. Pure bullshit. I was not fine. I was sad, depressed, insecure, and shaky inside.

But, eventually it passed. By the end of the day I felt my insides sorting themselves out and going back to normal. I was left feeling a sense of awe at the spiritual journey.

I believe that the reason for the spiritual detox is similar to a physical detox. If you have ever fasted or done some type of cleanse, or simply improved your diet radically in a short period of time, you may have experienced physical symptoms. If you were accustomed to eating whenever and however you wanted before the change, you likely ingested many toxins along the way. When you either stop eating temporarily, or bombard your body with good stuff, the body goes into a type of shock.

The body is pleased that it’s getting good nourishment, or being given a break from digestion during a fast, but it’s used to dealing with whatever crap you give it. So, as your body happily excretes all the toxins you’ve ingested over the past weeks, months, or years, it’s a lot to deal with all at once. Even though you’re healthier, you feel worse than ever.

It’s a passing phase. As you get rid of all that doesn’t serve you, and continue giving your body the good stuff, your system will normalize. You will recover from the tough period and eventually feel better than ever. But you have to go through the detox to get there.

Similarly, when you – and a practitioner  – infuse your soul with positive energy (I was meditating deeply during the Reiki attunement), it’s a lot of Goodness all at once. The soul is pleased, but it’s shedding all the thought-forms that are unlike the new positive energy.

I know this applies in my case. I have been making a lot of transitions in my life lately. I’ve been shedding negative people left and right. I’ve been diving deeper into my spiritual practice and focusing on the things that matter most to me.

With no negativity to block the energy flow, and a bombardment of positive energy from both myself and the healer, I was at the top of what I could handle energetically. All that was unlike that positive energy was forced to the surface. It came up so that I could look it square in the face, and release it to the Goddess to be healed.

Today, after having gone through that experience, I am in a better place. My circumstances have not changed, but that’s not what it’s about. I’ve been cleansed on an energetic level. I am on a new plateau that is higher than my previous level.

But just like with a physical detox, the work is not done. If you do a physical cleanse, or a fast, and then go right back to your old, crappy diet, the positive effects will be lost. On the other hand, if, after wiping the slate clean, you begin a new program of healthy eating and physical activity, the effects of the cleanse will last, and you will continue to see progress.

So, for me, this is only the beginning. The attunement – and the spiritual detox – were confirmation for me that I’m on the right track. Now I must maintain this higher level of awareness by continuing my spiritual practices and allowing the insights to go deeper. I am being called out of complacency and mediocrity and urged to be of service to those around me.

I am honored and humbled to have a closer relationship with the Goddess than I’ve ever had. I am blessed to be able to share my experiences with open-minded, mature people like my readers.

I wish for all of you the life of your dreams!

Peace and love,



One thought on “Spiritual Detox – My Story

  1. Hi Raven!
    Glad to see you’re doing well!
    Yuichi and I started a meet up in Culver City!
    Most likely at the Panera Bread on Jefferson Blvd October 5 at 11 am.
    Hope you join us when you’re available.
    Take good care,


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