The Benefit of Morning Pages

If you’ve never read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, it is a book that many artists have read. It helps artists of all kinds to release creative blocks and get re-inspired. Cameron has many helpful suggestions, but the crux of her program involves two things: Morning Pages and Artist Dates.

Morning pages require that one write in a journal first thing in the morning. You do three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing where you simply write whatever comes to mind, non-stop, for three notebook pages. Even if you have no idea what to write, you can just write “I have nothing to say” over and over again until something comes to you.

I actually start my day with meditation and then do morning pages. But I believe the two practices are complimentary. I find that I don’t have to meditate as long when I do morning pages. It’s actually better if I start with Morning Pages, and then meditate, but it’s not always practical. (I find it hard to hold a pen first thing in the morning).

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much benefit. But I have found morning pages to be extremely helpful – not only with my writing, but with life in general. There are a lot of things we suppress because the people around us don’t listen, or because we’re busy, or distracted, or simply not deeply in touch with our feelings on a daily basis. Morning pages force us to confront ourselves by filling up those empty sheets of paper.

What this does is clear out inner debris, allowing us to access more authentic levels of our own consciousness. Once the surface-level inner chatter is spewed onto the page, what’s left is clearer and more intentional. I find that it helps me sort out all kinds of problems and puts things in perspective.

If you haven’t tried morning pages, regardless of whether or not you’re an artist, I urge you to give it a try.

Have a beautiful, creative weekend.

Peace and joy,



2 thoughts on “The Benefit of Morning Pages

    1. Yes, it is a nice practice, or at least it has worked well for me. It’s not the quality of the writing that matters. It’s just a way of getting things off your chest without relying on anyone else. 🙂


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