White Lie

Sometimes I wonder

what it would be like

to be white.

Even though ten-minute times-up

blister in the sun, peeling orange skin

could never be my thing. Still,


I saw two girls,

(I know why Brits call them birds),


about wonderfully trivial white things,

Puffs of air

on clouds of smoke things,

Air-light brains atop bright bouncy grins,

They sauntered into the store.

Smiled at, greeted too!

Then me.

Mine, a false “May I help you?”


“Yes sir,” I said.

“Could you stop fantasizing about

calling the police?

Stop masturbating to fake


of what I plan to steal?

Cuz, that would be great.”


But that’s not what I say.


“Look sir. See the blond?

Yes, the one in the yoga pants?

Her sticky hands

just slipped a silk scarf into her shoulder bag.

While your devil eyes

dug ugly holes into me,

Can’t you see?”


But I don’t say that either.


“No thanks.”


That’s what I say,

then spray

the special potion

I saw for $17.99 on some

online shop alive with viruses.

The spray is special, you see.

I spray it on me

when I need to be seen.

Truly seen.

Bright White it’s called,

but that’s a lie.

The color it turns my face

is pinkish

with flecks of yellow gray.


It doesn’t change my eyes, though.

That’s very important,

cuz I still want to truly see.

That’s the benefit of being me.

I just use Bright White

when I want to

Shop and not be followed

Walk and not be martyred

Drive and not be murdered

Speak and not be strangled

Things like that.

I bought six packs

of Bright White,

But I know what’s on your mind.

It’s a lie,

you say,

your skin’s not white!

That’s true, thank God,

but keep your voice down.

My lie is white.

You said those are okay,



2 thoughts on “White Lie: A Poem

  1. Beautiful Poetry. Full of meaning. Full of Truth. This kind of truth I have been expressing most of my life,but to a different kind of audience. The truth reaches different audiences in different ways. Reminds me of David’s Coat of many colors (many ways of expressing truth). Or birds of the same feather.


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