The Soul’s Plea

I am

Divine diplomat

Mediating Alpha,


Dark matter, liquid wisdom,


Pathway of electric guidance

Between blue placid, unseen


Known from birth,

And choppy waters

Filled with

Spiky cushions,

Solid lands that disappear

When you step on them.

Drinking spirit nectar,


March of god-words,

Driving body and mind

To fusion, sanity,


False promises from


I plead you see me,

Receive me,

Realize ropes of

Unbroken wisdom,

Benevolent chains,

Restraining your downfall.

You’ve seen those

Who’ve rejected me,

Watched them


Behind Vegas-style faces

Embracing steam clouds

Of ego forgery

Promising wind,

Delivering sand,

Grown baby Men cannot

Grow you, will


Know you.

Endure my prickly nails

Against your conscience,

Like summer sun on

Winter-weary skin.

Climb me,

Push yourself,

Then rest,

It’s good for you,


Enjoy the view

For a while,

Let me make you

Whole again.


4 thoughts on “A Poem About The Tireless Work of the Soul

  1. Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!When the Human Soul of man get’s in touch with the Divine Reality, or Consciousness, it becomes enlightened to the Only Reality, that I identify as Allah (The Creator of all things, that we see and that, that we don’t see. Peace and Blessings.


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