This poem came to me as I was watching the season finale of Season Two of Penny Dreadful on Netflix DVD. Though Vanessa’s heart’s desire is to marry Ethan Chandler and have a family, for many reasons it’s just not meant to be. Satan tried to manipulate her by making her feel bad about that, stirring up longings in her that can never be fulfilled. It didn’t work, though, because Vanessa had already accepted and embraced her destiny.

That episode really spoke to me because, despite my own lifelong desire for love and companionship, there came a point recently where that “dream” no longer seemed attractive. At first I thought my ex “broke” me. But, I don’t believe that. I think the goal itself, of “having a man” comes from external sources for me, not from within. Don’t get me wrong, love can be great with the right person. But if that person is not right, and isn’t willing or able to change, they become a roadblock to your best experience of yourself. It’s not worth it.

Also, love comes in many forms, not just romantic. I have plenty of love in my life without a romantic relationship. What is most important is that I make a difference on the planet and fulfill my inborn potential. Right now, that is much more exciting to me than compromising my happiness for someone else’s, which is what women (and many men) often do.




Courage To Walk Alone


I saw a dark-haired actress on T.V.

Her shoulders bent beneath the needs of men,

Forsaking wedded bliss for godly beat,

She bravely faced untrodden trails again.


For women, taught and told to bow in need

To manly inclinations, pride, and whim.

Yet, courage bid this woman never breed,

Nor spurn her inborn destiny for him.


Though cost for female fortitude be high,

Though social judgment leans upon the will,

That raven beauty roused my inner sigh,

My Calling called; sweet needs to now fulfill.


Though marriage grant the masses joy unknown,

Some, like me, are meant to Love alone.


One thought on “A Poem About Embracing Your Calling as a Woman

  1. Great Poem Raven!!!!: You know, to me, the Human Creation is a very special creation.A very special creation in my mind. In order for him/her to experience true love, the human creation must embrace something greater than him or her self (consciousness) Humanity in order to experience true love in self ad others, must plug into what I define as “Divine Love”. Believe me, Loving something greater than yourself or anything else of created matter, is the Greatest Love of All. When that great reality is understood, then rather one finds physical love or not, that void in our soul for love will be filled in a way that can only be described as Divine Love. Peace and Blessing and keep on discovering self.


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