My One Day as a Man


Oh, no!

Oh, my!

I can’t deny

That there’s a penis

‘Neath my fly!

Went to sleep and did not die,

But now

I see that I’m a guy.

So, why

Don’t I feel different yet?

I’m awfully hungry,

You can bet.

I want more sex than I can get,

And dates that matter,

I forget.

But as for all the other stuff,

The things “we” do that cause such guff,

Like lie to those we love the most,

Or try

To cheat

So we can boast,

I cannot say

I feel those things,

I can’t feel much of anything.

I don’t feel more secure or smart.

Male hormones have not

Shrunk my heart,

I still love

Poetry and wine,

Still love

To laugh

And dance

And dine,

Hold hands,

Watch silly T.V. shows,

And learn ‘bout things

That I don’t know.

I thought this change

Would bring more – Change,

Seems guys and girls are much the same.

We want to know that someone cares,

That someone wants our life to share,

That for that someone we would die

(And never tell a bald-faced lie).

To find that someone

I’ll become

Like someone

I can call “The One,”

Continue giving life my best,

And welcome whom can pass the test,

Respect each feeling,

Big and small,

Protect our couple against all,

Now I’ll go back

To being a girl,

Though it was fun to see “his” world.

My earthly home is female, but

I did like peeing standing up.




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