I Thought I Knew You



Grenades lobbed at my peace,

Explosions to

Make me

Notice you,

Respect you?

Landing in lakes of “It’s over.”

Bombs defused,

Rage subdued,

New land green and fertile


Plan B. Batter-bash

My cell phone, your door,

Just things, just things,

Can’t win what you want

With grabs, kicks, smacks, attacks,

Poor thing.

Plan C. Harrass,

Solicit, beseech, entreat,

Still filled with conviction

Of I, I, I,

Me, Me, Me

Unable to see

And accept the bleeding we.


By self-loving lies,

Bully-boy ploys,

Not fit for grown boys.

No more!

True love arrived,

Family style,

Pillars leading me outside

New destiny,

Free to thrive.

Thankful for the lessons,

Grateful for liberty,

No longer feeling blue,


Damn, I thought I knew you.



2 thoughts on “A Poem About an Abusive End to a Relationship

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