Free At Last!

So I am finally free! I am happy to say that I’ve earned my Masters in English and Creative Writing – Screenwriting. I completed a thesis script I’m really proud of, and I’ve achieved something I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time.

So, now that I’m free, I’ve had to go back to the drawing board for new inspiration. That got me to thinking about where my inspiration comes from. For my thesis screenplay, my idea came from a news story. A woman was accused of killing a young girl – not directly, but because she was a “witch”. I was shocked at such a ridiculous accusation in modern times. The incident took place in South America. So, my imagination started flowing, and the “what if” questions came: What if that happened here? What if the accusations were true? What if she fled to America and hid out here some place? Etc. That was the birth of Laying On Of Hands.

My newest inspiration also comes from an unbelievable news story. I won’t share it until I’m finished with the script, but I will share my “inspiration” movies: Wisdom (1986)/Emilio Estevez; Public Enemies (2009)/Ronan Bennett and Michael Mann; and Monster (2003)/Patty Jenkins.

I look forward to posting excerpts as the weeks go on.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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