Getting Inspired

Everything begins with inspiration. Then an idea. Then the follow-through and completion. I have heard some say that inspiration is overrated, that it’s all about the work. I disagree.  Of course, it is all about the work, but I don’t think inspiration is overrated.  My best ideas have come out of nowhere, usually while I’m doing something else. I always type these ideas into my phone and store them there for future use.  So far, my best stories have been inspired this way.

Perhaps the reason why people say inspiration is overrated is because it can’t be manipulated.  It comes when it comes.  And how can you sell a how-to book telling someone to wait around and see what happens?  No, sitting down to write regularly is the important thing but inspiration is where the magic happens.  The only advice I have for conjuring up the muse is to meditate, read a lot, watch a lot of TV and movies, and listen (really listen) to other people’s conversations.

The latest item I’ve been reading during my (brief) time off is a book called Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman.  It is not the typical book I read. I prefer intellectually stimulating literary fiction and classic pieces from the 1800’s.  However, in the spirit of reading widely I am trying this book and am impressed.


It is written in the first person by a therapist, Alex Delaware, whose best friend is a detective, Milo. Together they are trying to solve the murder of a teenage boy and an unidentified blonde. This murder seems to be tied to the subsequent murder of the boy’s therapist and to a previous murder involving someone completely unknown to the victims but killed in a similar style – impaling and a shot to the head.

The setting is Los Angeles which is fun for me because I intimately know all the streets referred to in the book. The male victim’s parents are rich snobs with marital problems and live in complete denial – they are a handful!

So, I look forward to seeing how this book ends and noticing if it inspires me in any particular way.

Happy reading!



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