When Two’s a Crowd

I meant for this poem to be tongue in cheek.  The romantic industrial complex is always diligently trying to convince women that the goal of all existence is to become half of a twosome.  As one who has been in some twosomes, both good and bad, I’d like to offer a rebuttal.  Being with someone is great when it’s great – when your goals, beliefs, and values are similar, when you love, honor, and respect each other, when being with them is fun and enlightening, when they let you be you and vice versa.  If that’s not the case, then enjoy being single – cuz it’s, like, way better!


Two’s Company?

Joyous, miraculous

Two in one existence.


Toilet seat,


Beckoning sudden slips-of-rear.

Chainsaw-sounding sonorous snores.

You drooling peacefully,

While I count shadows on the ceiling.

Loving insults


Like fresh salad

After seven consecutive days.

Long walks on the beach,


In my rear view mirror,

The past,

Tears of single.

Laughing now,


Cackles of glee.


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