A Poem About Self Love and Appreciation

Like most people – and certainly most women – I was born to love.  I have a soft spot for children and animals.  Seeing people in love makes me smile.  The downside to being this open is that I often love people who don’t deserve it.  I think about them, do what I can to make their lives better; I pray for them and I put their needs on the same level – and sometimes above – my own.  However, as I progress spiritually, I am coming to learn that Self-Love is the best, highest, and only authentic kind of love.  Self-love doesn’t waste time on the wrong people.  It doesn’t give more than that which can be received by the other person.  It doesn’t look for validation in another person’s eyes.  And it doesn’t ask for permission to shine.  This is the love I will be perfecting over the coming year and for the rest of my life.  Here’s a poem that describes what self-love means to me…


 Mirror demanding clarity,

Suffering no impostors,

Vicious words, mal-intent,

Foreign to its alabaster waters.

Nurturing but firm,

Guarding heart-space,

Wise barrier to careless inquiries,


Deluded into false concepts of

Control through cruelty.


She alone, giver of good gifts,

Purity through fire of intent,

Destroying all unlike herself.

Many are called, few are worthy.

Queen of her kind,

Quiet and consistent,

Accepting only the best,

Excepting nothing and no one.

Those who would enter

Must come as they are bid,

With honor,

Respecting All that is Within.


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