A Poem About Men Who Reject Female Advice

Life is good.

As my life comes more and more into focus, so does my art.  We must never apologize for who we are.  We can, of course, apologize to people we have hurt – but that is not who we are. We are immortal beings doing our best to enjoy the human experience.  Along the way we will meet people who help us along the path, and we’ll meet people who seem determined to block our path.  All of it is for our good.

One of my human experiences was dating a man with a lot of sexist notions.  This poem is to honor that particular experience…


But You’re Just A Woman


I’ve lived a life, or two or three,

Degreed; betrothed before nineteen,

Known loss, rejection, struggles all –

“But, still, you’re just a woman.”


Married, single, mothered two,

Tried every job that I could do,

Was Muslim, Christian, Mystic called –

“But, still, you’re just a woman.”


Though my advice be scorned and shun –

Forgotten more than you have done –

My love and strength will break your fall.

Be glad that I’m a woman!




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