A Poem About Why I Paint

So, my second quarter at Southern New Hampshire University begins tomorrow.  My major is English and Creative Writing but I haven’t chosen my specialization yet.  It will likely either be Poetry or Fiction.  I also have the option of not choosing a specialization, so we’ll see.  In the meantime, here’s another poem.

This one is about why I paint.  I could never give up art, even though I’m studying writing right now.  And this is why…


Goddess I become

When something from nothing

Slides nexus to canvas,

Resides in lock-down pain

Picked open by brushes,

Rushes from mind to stain.

Two-dimensional castles

Hassle me until

Let go to run free

With images of lands unseen,

Lived in long ago

By ghosts

Of idle reverie.

Offspring bled

From words unsaid,

Silently painted,

Acquainted with scorn,

Risking all rejection

To antagonize, torn

Seduction from admiring eyes,

A tangible projection

Of my eternal life.


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