A Poem About My Ex’s Lovely Hair


I am happy to say that today I turned in my final two term papers for my first two classes in graduate school.  It is hard to describe the relief I feel.  Each paper had to be a minimum of 15 pages – one was about the language in Maya Angelou’s autobiographies and the other was about feminism in the novella Turn of the Screw.  Brutal.  But I’m done and I’m thrilled.

I have also decided to switch from the MA in English to the MA in English and Creative Writing.  As much as I love classic literature, I’m chomping at the bit to learn to write my own stuff.  I will choose either poetry or fiction as my concentration.  But, for my next semester (after a blissful, wonderful week off next week),  I will be taking Topics in British Literature and Topics in American Literature.  I expect to have a blast!

In the meantime, the following poem was written in honor of my ex-boyfriend whose hair I really liked.  I’m using the form Tanka, which is basically a Haiku with an extra two lines.  The syllables are, line by line, 5, 7, 5, 7, 7.


His Beautiful Hair


Streams of coffee hair

Graze golden brow, happiness

Like a babbling brook


Laps unspeaking love to eyes

Faithful, birthing love to all


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