A Poem About Losing The Inner Child

Things are going great in grad school.  I have two more weeks to go but an enormous amount to do in that time – two 15-page research papers in addition to the usual weekly assignments.  So, if I disappear over the next two weeks, you’ll know why!

I wrote the following poem about growing up and losing the beauty and innocence of youth.  In the child-like mind there is joy and faith and courage and living full-out.  The smile of a child at play is honest and sincere.  There are no agendas, no burdens, no concept of time.   May we all hold onto our inner child for as long as humanly possible!  I experimented with the poetic form of the ghazal.  Enjoy!




Naked skin, sun-soaked summer laughter.  Free!

From angry curfews: August rhapsody.


Bouncing balloon fights, heaven’s lantern shines

On and on, singing August rhapsody.


Happy delusions disturb night-time sleep,

Dreams of older me, August rhapsody.


Virtue lost, bully girls, scary boys, and

Joy-cloaked drama term August rhapsody.


Time’s reckoning, money’s growl, broken hearts

Parch moist sweet whisper, August rhapsody.


Raven’s August, passing way too quickly,

Sing through me, ceaseless August rhapsody.


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