A Poem About Suicidal Thoughts

Just so you know, Life is Good. Life is always, at its core, Good and Very Good.  However, all artists – me included – have occasional dark thoughts.  Here are some of mine:



Last night I called for death.

Invited it, as a dying plant asks for water.

Reached out at the people in my thing-called-life,

Stretched as a ghost that cannot be seen.


You floated by as a Concept

Of rainbows and beauty and something called love.


A picture, in my mind hit play.

Dim the lights, I’ve seen this one before.

A movie where the end comes first.

A tragedy with happy ending.

Black comedy: produced by painful peace,

Sick joyful depression applauded.


Then, the movie offed itself. Temporary sleep, after these messages…

Woke up.  Stared at one foot in front of the other.


Wonder when I’ll see the movie again,


Will I be in the audience, or on the screen?


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