Writers, Use Worry To Your Best Advantage

“Worry is interest paid in advance on a debt that may never come due.” (Quoted from the appendix of The Portable MFA in Creative Writing by the Editors of New York Writers Workshop)

Sometimes life takes a nasty turn, like a NASCAR racer who, in the blink of an eye, finds himself in a death spiral facing oncoming traffic.  These turns are shocking and they hurt. They take away our ability to string together healthy thoughts. And once the initial shock wears off, we can suddenly find ourselves sinking little by little, minute by minute, into lava-like quicksand, despairing thoughts.

This is where I find myself right now.  When I noticed myself sinking, I was already up to my clavicles.  I looked up and the nearest tree branch was a fuzzy shape in the distance.

But Words are helping to pull me out.  Words speak back to me when I am unable to shape rational thoughts into form. They pour out in random order in a way that  massages my heart, and helps it to heal.  After writing for 30 minutes, I somehow feel my organs returning to their proper places.  I am humbled by a Power such as this.

So, Worry may be worthless but Words are resurrecting.  If you find yourself like me, on a treadmill of worry, string a few words together – then jump off and let them catch you.  They will cradle your head and help you put both feet back on the ground.

At least that’s what they’re doing for me.

In solidarity,



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