How To Tell If You’re An Expendable Character In a Movie

This is how you can tell if you’re an expendable character in a movie:

1)      You’re black, non-white, or non-American

2)      You blatantly and repeatedly contradict the main character

3)      You talk too much

4)      You’re stupid

5)      You’re either cocky, fearful, or freaked-out

6)      You’re overly sexual

7)      You’ve pissed off a lot of people

8)      You’re overweight

9)      You show up early in the movie and have idiotic dialogue

10)  You’re an unfortunate combination of any of the above

If you find yourself in the role of an expendable character, take heart in the fact that you are working.  Perhaps better days are ahead.

If you are watching a movie and can identify expendable characters with 75%+ accuracy, congratulations!  You have probably seen and paid close attention to a lot of movies.

If you would like to change the criteria upon which the category of “expendable person” is based, I’m with you.  Keep being yourself.  Address idiotic stereotypes when you hear them.  Vigorously refute the idea of human worth and value being based upon superficial criteria.  And, most importantly, make your own scripts, produce your own movies, and put them out there!

In solidarity,

Raven S. Burnes


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